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Complete Smile Makeovers

Redesigning your smile can reinvent the way you feel about your self-image

A complete smile makeover has the potential to change people’s lives. Due to developments in technology, partnered with our dedicated team’s commitment to excellence, Distinctive Dental Care now offers complete smile makeovers.  Utilising a number of progressive treatments, our team can completely redesign the shape, colour, function and aesthetic quality of your teeth.

It takes an artistic eye and extensive experience to create your perfect smile. When creating your new smile, we take into consideration a number of different factors that can impact the direction of your makeover. In addition to transforming the aesthetic appearance of your smile, our team will also ensure that your cosmetic dental treatments additionally serve a functional health based purpose.

Address a number of oral concerns to reshape your smile

By addressing the youthfulness, symmetry and health of your teeth and oral structure, we can help revolutionise the way you feel about your smile. Many of our patients are surprised with the extent of the results of our cosmetic treatments. These services, in unison with each other, can potentially dramatically transform the appearance of your smile with minimal discomfort. Procedures such as tooth whitening and dental implants can assist you to revolutionise the appearance of your smile, whilst helping to restore your self-confidence.

Receive the benefits of combined treatments

We can maximise your results by combining a number of these different treatments, contingent upon your own individual oral condition, to makeover your smile. These treatments encompass a variety of procedures, including:

The ways in which we can enhance your smile are boundless with our vast array of treatment options.

Aesthetic results with functional benefits

A brilliant smile has the ability to capture people’s attention. The team at Distinctive Dental Care in Bundaberg are passionate about the aesthetic quality of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance your self-esteem, confidence and facial appearance, whilst also addressing the functional aspects of your teeth. We will ensure that your smile makeover addresses your specific cosmetic concerns, whilst also improving the functional benefit of your teeth. By addressing the function of your smile, we can improve your oral mobility and your dental health.

Your aesthetic goals are salient throughout all of our procedures

Throughout all of our dynamic treatments your ultimate dental vision and concerns are our leading priority. Our team prides itself on developing and maintaining a healthy dental partnership with our patients. This familiarisation with our patients, and their concerns, allows us to ensure we provide you with the best possible results. During your consultation our team will discuss with you your specific concerns and work with you to address these issues during your complete smile makeover.

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