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Damon System Braces

Straighten your teeth efficiently with Damon braces

Our Damon System offers you an alternative to traditional braces when straightening your teeth. Damon System braces can provide our patients with a technology driven orthodontic service that offers increased comfort. This passive self-ligating system offers our patients here at Distinctive Dental Care decreased treatment time. Removing the need for elastic bands, Damon System braces also often require fewer adjustments and tightening appointments.

How this treatment differs from traditional orthodontic procedures

Traditional braces can be uncomfortable as they guide the teeth into place with increased pressure often supplied by elastics. In order to provide an alternative to the traditional bracing system, Distinctive Dental Care offers Damon System braces to improve the way you experience orthodontics.  Designed to be a comfortable and discreet technique to straighten your teeth, the Damon System braces procedure uses the newest technological developments to provide the most effective results.

The Damon System technique

This advanced system utilises a slide mechanism to hold the arch wire in place, in order to attain the desired results. This means that the procedure is self-adjusting, which can minimise the time you are required to spend in our dental chair. The slide mechanism also reduces the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth, which can be more comfortable for those who wish to straighten their teeth without discomfort.

As a result, our teeth have more freedom to move easily and quickly, often generating swifter results with improved comfort. This progressive teeth-straightening technique can offer you an effective alternative to traditional braces, with an improved aesthetic appearance.

Experience the advantages of this treatment

There are a number of benefits when opting to utilise the Damon System to correct misaligned or crooked teeth. One of the most appealing elements of this procedure is the self-ligating nature of the Damon System. Because the Damon System employs the slide mechanism, this bracing system can self-correct, which can minimise the amount of appointments needed throughout this procedure.

Correct both your oral health and your self-esteem

In addition to correcting your teeth’s alignment, the implementation of the Damon System can provide our patients with healthier teeth and gums, whilst also enhancing their self-confidence.  By aligning your jaw with the Damon System, our team can also correct your bite and thus reduce the strain on your jaw and teeth.  At Distinctive Dental Care we aim to combine the cosmetic benefits of Damon System braces, with numerous oral health advantages, to ensure you have your very best smile.

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