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Dr Makepeace has brought the latest LANAP laser technology to Bundaberg residents.

LANAP procedure stepsLANAP- What is it?

Put very simply, LANAP is the procedure using the PerioLase® MVP-7TM, the laser has now been in use for many years in the US and is considered the future for Gum disease treatment.

Previously, sufferers of this disease have had to face traditional and painful  cut & sew surgery, and 3 monthly maintenance visits permanantly to try and prevent this disease from causing the lose their teeth.  That has now changed with this revolutionary proven treatment.

Using a laser fibre the width of three hairs, the space between your tooth and gum is treated, the laser specifically targets the bacteria causing the gum disease, leaving the healthy tissue alone. Then a small ultrasonic vibrating tip (the same size as the laser tip) is placed into the space to remove any debris attached to the tooth, this is followed by the laser again to target any bacteria that was hidden beneath the debris. The laser creates a fresh healing supply of blood to form a protective clot around the  root of tooth, which then begins  regeneration/healing process, over the following weeks and months the bone lost to the gum disease can heal and regrow, allowing the attachment between the tooth and gum reforms.

There are many videos posted on You Tube you can view to find out more about this revolutionary treatment, please take the time to look and see what this procedure can do for you.

We encourage you to start with the link below, please RIGHT CLICK and OPEN IN A NEW TAB:

What is LANAP??

Dr Philip Makepace at  Distinctive Dental Care is the only trained provider of this treatment in southern QLD (there is currently another periolase in a periodontal specialist clinic in Cairns), and is please to offer this amazing service to the Bundaberg and Wide Bay community.

For any further enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact our practice, 41 511 664.

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