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Why flossing is so important for your health


You may find flossing annoying, but it is incredibly important when it comes to your health!

A lot of people hate flossing. There’s something about the task that just rubs people in all the wrong ways. Unfortunately, skipping your daily floss is far more detrimental to your health than you may realise. Flossing is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and here’s why:

It keeps your gums healthy

Your gum health is an important aspect of your overall health. If your gums aren’t taken care of, this can lead to a host of problems with gum disease as one of the most critical. Gum disease can affect everything from your teeth to your heart and lungs. Gum disease is caused by food and bacteria getting trapped in between your teeth and gums. By flossing, you can remove this harmful build up and ensure that no infection occurs.

Prevents gaps in your smile

Your teeth have five surfaces, however, brushing only reaches three of those surfaces. That’s two parts of your teeth that can build up with plaque and lead to decay. If left untreated, decay can lead to cavities and the loss of teeth altogether. By flossing, you are able to reach those surfaces and keep your healthy teeth for a life!

Prevent bad breath

As you can imagine, if you have food and bacteria stuck in your teeth, it can cause a less than desirable odour. Flossing once a day and ensuring you have no food built up between your teeth can help to seriously reduce your bad breath. There are other things which can cause bad breath though, so if it continues to be a problem, please come and see us!

Keep your teeth whiter

If you’re not keeping up your oral health routine, your teeth will start to build up with plaque. This in turn, erodes away at the hard outer layer of your teeth, the enamel. Eroded enamel gives teeth a stained and yellow appearance. If you want your teeth to be brighter and whiter, then make sure you’re keeping up both flossing and brushing. Of course, there are stains that simple flossing and brushing cannot bust; for these we offer a range of different teeth whitening treatments.

Save money

If you don’t floss as part of your active at-home oral health routine, you run the risk of developing all sorts of dental issues. From gum disease to tooth loss, all of these issues will require what can become an expensive trip to the dental office. But through flossing daily and attending regular check-ups, you can minimise your need for expensive dental work later.

So how do I floss?

If you’re unsure on proper flossing techniques, we advise to floss around your tooth in a C-shape and push and pull on each end to remove all the harmful build up. Of course, you still need to brush your teeth twice a day for a minimum two minutes to keep your teeth in optimal health.

Floss your way to better health

Flossing can provide a big boost to your overall health, as well as your oral health. It only takes a couple of minutes every day and it can help to improve your oral health significantly! Regular dental visits are also an important factor for optimal oral health. Ensure optimal oral health with a visit to Distinctive Dental, contact our friendly team today.

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