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How to keep your teeth healthy this Christmas


It is Christmas day. To your left is a beautiful pavlova and to your right, a bowl full on candy canes. You’re drinking a glass of deep red wine and you know that an espresso coffee is soon to follow. With all of these delicious treats around the holiday season most people are concerned about their waistlines, but you can’t help but wonder how it is going to affect the health of your teeth!

Never fear.

We have created five ways to keep your teeth in optimal condition, so they can enjoy many Christmases to come!

1: Avoid sugary fizzy drinks

A Christmas party table spread is rarely without several bottles of soft drink. These drinks are almost always full of sugar, which is one of the leading causes of plaque and decay in teeth. If you do insist on a fizzy beverage, opt for soda water and add a few strawberries to infuse it with a natural sweetness. Using a straw can also help to keep the liquid’s acidity from damaging your teeth.

2: Bring a plate (of fruit!)

You might be asked to bring a plate of food to your Christmas event and this is the perfect opportunity for you to create something that is more teeth-friendly than grandma’s trifle. Make the most of the myriad of colourful fruits available around this time of the year by creating a beautiful fruit salad, or make a platter of vegetables and dips!

3: Watch those hard candies

Candy canes are synonymous with Christmas and, of course, everybody deserves a little treat in moderation. However, not only are they completely made of hardened sugar, if you bit down on them the wrong way, you might crack a tooth, loosen a filling or damage an orthodontic appliance (if you have one). If your candy craving cannot be satiated, choose a dissolvable candy, like sherbet.

4: Don’t use your incisors in the place of actual scissors!

All of the new presents and toys at Christmas time can also mean a whole bunch of wrapping papers, plastics or packages that need to be opened or cut. In desperation (or excitement) you might use your teeth to get to that present, or to tear that pesky sticky tape. Don’t do it! Using your teeth like this can cause chips, breaks and sensitivity and can easily be avoided with a humble pair of scissors.

5: Cheese, please.

If you choose to indulge in alcoholic beverages over Christmas, choose cow’s milk cheese as their accompanying snack. Not only is cheese high in calcium (which is great for the health of your teeth and bones), it also has pH balancing qualities, which can help to neutralise the acids from the drinks! Nuts and seeds, vegetables and even water is also another way to help to neutralise the pH levels of the mouth.

Considering all of these tips, as well as maintaining your regular oral hygiene habits, are just some ways to keep your teeth healthy throughout the indulgent holiday season. If you think your teeth are looking a little worse-for-wear, visit us at Distinctive Dental Care for a check-up and clean, or even a whitening treatment, to keep you smiling bright.

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