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Laser Gum Lifts

Gently and effectively elongate your smile

If you wish to extend and elongate the appearance of your teeth, Distinctive Dental Care can offer you a variety of effective, new developments in cosmetic dentistry. Your lips, teeth, gums and jaw should function in harmony with each other. A disharmony can create functional concerns and damage the aesthetic quality of your smile. If you have short teeth or an uneven gum line that is making you feel self-conscious about your smile, then our passionate staff can endeavour to gently correct this without laser gum lift.

Utilising modern developments

Throughout the development of cosmetic dentistry, removing soft tissue from your gum would commonly require the use of local anaesthesia and a scalpel. Due to recent developments in technology, Distinctive Dental Care can now straighten your gum line and elongate the visibility of your teeth with the use of a laser. This treatment is often experienced with minimal discomfort, often without the need for local anaesthesia.

The recovery for this treatment can be experienced swiftly. Those who undergo conventional gum surgery often require stiches, meaning the recovery time can be significantly extended in comparison to our laser gum lift treatment. The recovery time for surgical gum lifts is also increased as this treatment does not have the use of our laser technology that seals off blood vessels, which can prevent extensive gum damage.

A tender procedure with multiple benefits

Laser gum lifts are performed in the instance of an uneven gum line, which can make an otherwise beautiful smile appear lopsided. Using a soft tissue laser, our staff can gently shape your gumline to create naturally balanced and beautiful lines that compliment your smile. This procedure is virtually bloodless and promotes a speedy recovery. If your teeth appear too short, our team can lift your gumline by one to two millimetres. This minimal change can drastically alter and improve your smile, whilst also straightening your gum line and elongating your teeth.

 Sculpt your gum

An uneven gumline can significantly impact your self-esteem and the appearance of your smile. Short or stunted teeth can also deteriorate your confidence and encourage you to hide your teeth. While previously the only way to correct uneven gum lines or short teeth was through surgical procedure, the passionate team at Distinctive Dental Care can now offer you this progressive treatment without the need for surgery. Cosmetic dentistry is important to our team because we value our patient’s confidence. We specifically tailor our treatments to provide both functional and cosmetic benefits, in order to ensure that our clients feel their best about their smile. This is why the team at Distinctive Dental Care now offer laser gum lifts, ensuring that our clients get the most out of their smile.

Receive a caring treatment from our compassionate staff

Your comfort is highly important to us throughout every dental procedure we conduct. We strive to eliminate any discomfort and remove the common fear associated with visiting the dentist, with our caring and empathetic approach. When choosing to benefit from a procedure like our laser gum lifts, it is imperative that you choose both a skilled dentist and a committed supporting team. At Distinctive Dental Care our trained professionals are equipped with the most advanced equipment and a wealth of dental knowledge. This ensures that we can provide progressive dental treatments, in addition to world-class care, with excellent results.

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