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MRC – Pre-Orthodontic intervention

Improve dental alignment and crooked teeth without braces

Our pre-orthodontic program at Distinctive Dental Care uses the Myobrace® System which offers our patients a route to straighter and healthier teeth that does not require braces. While this treatment is most effective the earlier it is implemented, the Myobrace® System can be an effective solution for a variety of our patients. With reduced treatment time and accelerated procedure results, visiting our practice for pre-orthodontic treatment can be an effective alternative for you.

Incorporate new developments with traditional techniques

The Myobrace® is a new progression in orthodontic treatments. This treatment harnesses the time proven principles of the positioner concept. A positioner is a retainer-like device used to cement the effects or orthodontic work or correct minor misalignment. The treatment used here at Distinctive Dental Care integrates progressive CAD and dual moulding technology, pioneered by Myofunctional Research Co.

Benefit from the DynamiCore™ technology

The removable Myobrace® appliance features individually sized tooth slots and DynamiCore™. DynamiCore™ is the active inner core of the Myobrace® appliance, which enables controlled arch development. This system is suitable for many patients, preferably our younger visitors, with mild to moderate tooth displacement.

The Myobrace® System and how it can help you or your child

We can walk you through the Myobrace® System and distinguish if this is an appropriate treatment for you. This procedure focuses on the accurate placement of the tongue, which can ultimately lead to straighter teeth and improved jaw alignment. The accurate placement of your tongue can also assist in correcting the normal flow of your breath through your nose, whilst also improving your swallowing patterns.

The effect of this system is implemented by adding a light pressure on the teeth, in order to stimulate and encourage movement.  Our team at Distinctive Dental Care require that our patients wear the Myobrace® System appliance between one to two hours a day, whilst also wearing it while you sleep. This minimalised treatment time can help you to feel confident throughout your discreet orthodontic procedure, in addition to being comfortable.

Motivation towards results

Due to the nature of any removable appliances, patient compliance is essential. Therefor it is important that only patients and parents who are motivated to see results engage in this procedure. If motivation to wear the appliance, or encourage your child to do so, is not an essential part of your daily routine then it may be more suitable to use conventional fixed braces instead.

Optimise the effects with early treatment

The Myobrace® System can be used at any age in order to address a variety of oral problems. Despite this, the optimal age is during the eruptive and growth changes, during the late mixed dentition. Mixed dentition refers to the stage when some of our patient’s adult teeth have erupted, whilst also still retaining some of their baby teeth.

Often the longer the permanent dentition (which refers to the complete eruption of your adult teeth) is in place, the less effective the Myobrace® System will be. Despite this, factors such as our patient’s compliance and the degree of correction required, can both impact the effectiveness of the Myobrace® System. While individual assessment is necessary, our MRC centre can provide you with a wealth of information and assist you in deciding whether you are a desirable candidate for the Myobrace® System.

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