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Myobrace Arch Development- bigger wider smiles!

The Myobrace Arch Development System

So what is the arch development’ system?

My name is Dr Philip Makepeace and I am the Dentist who provides alternative treatment to traditional braces in Bundaberg. I advocate avoiding orthodontic treatment that involves extraction of adult teeth and the placement of braces. This is not always possible, but in my view, with early intervention this can be regularly achieved. During my time in the practice I have seen the incredible results that can be achieved when we focus on arch expansion. Put simply, we put our effort into creating space for teeth rather than extracting them. It is my view that arch development (also referred to as arch expansion) generally produces a better outcome, in terms of appearance but also a more stable outcome that reduces the risk of relapse of orthodontic treatment in the future. These views are not without controversy. Many orthodontists and other general dentists will advocate the use of fixed braces as the only sensible option, but that is a view with which I disagree. My approach is on early arch development in children to make room for the adult teeth before they erupt. Once arch development is complete, then a functional appliance like a Myobrace can be used to straighten to the teeth. I am very pleased with the results this treatment achieves. Whilst the Myobrace is new, the theory behind the treatment is based on arch development and straightening of teeth using functional appliances. The broad smiles and fuller faces they see in their children, even mid-treatment, please parents. I do believe there is an alternative to braces for many children and that is the focus of my MRC* program. If you are interested in considering an alternative to braces, then please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation. The following photos on this website, are intended to provide further information as to what I believe can be achieved using the Myobrace Arch Development system.131310897


* MRC is the abbreviation for “Myofunctional Research Centre”. I am a gold member of this organization now branded as “Myobrace”.
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