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Preventive Care

Preserve your oral health for a brighter smile

At Distinctive Dental Care we strive to provide you with treatments that will prevent the need for more extensive dental work in the future. Often dental hygiene routines are neglected amongst busy routines and demanding lifestyles. As a result of this neglect many individuals suffer a variety of dental problems. Although brushing and flossing your teeth is a crucial component of maintaining your oral health, most people only visit the dentist in the event of tooth decay.

Complement brushing and flossing with the care of a trained professional

Even if you maintain a stringent oral care routine the team at Distinctive Dental Care in Bundaberg, QLD, still advises that you visit the dentist for a general check-up and clean. Maintaining sound oral hygiene is fundamental in order to lead a healthy life. Active maintenance is also essential to prevent the development of dental diseases. If left untreated, a number of dental conditions can lead to serious health problems.

Establish excellent dental hygiene to prevent dental disorders

During a hygiene check-up, our committed team can educate you on the most suitable dental steps you can take to ensure you maintain outstanding dental hygiene. Furthermore, our team can correct any dental concerns that may have gone unnoticed and that could later develop into a harmful oral condition.

Our team will address the general build-up of tartar, plaque and bacteria on your teeth. We can professionally remove the stubborn stains that you yourself cannot eliminate with simple brushing. By ignoring the build-up of these stains you leave yourself open to developing a number of more serious dental concerns. If ignored tartar and plaque can solidify and encourage the erosion of your enamel, along with tooth decay.

Prevent decay and disease

Maintaining your dental hygiene with a general check-up can also prevent you from developing even more serious complications. By having our professional team clean and examine your teeth, we can strive to defend your mouth against periodontitis and oral cancer. These conditions can become extremely debilitating if not identified early in their development.

Optimise your oral health

Your oral hygiene check-up can provide you with more than just a general clean. Our oral hygienist, along with our passionate dental team, will provide you with a deep clean and scaling, along with the application of desensitising agents and fluoride. Keeping your mouth hygienic and presentable not only offers you sound oral health, it also can help you to feel and look your best. Here at Distinctive Dental Care we aim to bring your mouth into its most enhanced state of health and maintain this condition throughout your life.

What does a dental check-up include?

The best way to ensure that your oral health is kept at an optimum level is to have regular, six-monthly check-up and cleans by your dentist. A comprehensive dental check-up, scale and clean may involve:

– X-Rays to look for problems disease or decay beneath the gum line.

– A thorough examination of all parts of your mouth to look for things signs of trauma,
oral cancer, disease, decay and cavities.

– Cleaning using a small scaling tool called a hand scaler or an ultrasonic dental
instrument to deeply clean and gently remove plaque, calculus and tartar build-up.

– Polishing of the teeth to remove stains and the last of the plaque build-up.

– A friendly chat with your dentist about the condition of your mouth, your oral
hygiene habits, as well as any further treatments that may be required, like fillings.

A comprehensive check-up, scale and clean generally takes around 30-40 minutes to complete and is vital to the health of your mouth.

What do dentists look for in a dental check-up?

In a dental check-up, dentists are looking for anything that might indicate a problem with your oral health, now and in the future. The thorough examination will involve the use of a small, round mirror to examine all visible parts of the mouth. Your dentist may look for things like inflamed gums, damaged soft tissue, plaque build-up, loose teeth or bacteria that cause bad breath. These factors may indicate gum disease or other oral health issues. Your dentist will want to check the foundations of your teeth and gum to determine whether gum disease is present. They may do this by gently prodding at the gums and teeth. Quite commonly, some areas of the mouth develop built-up calcium deposits, called calculus or tartar, especially in the places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. You might notice it behind your bottom front teeth. If left untreated, your gums may become irritated and inflamed around the affected area and it can cause problems. This will be removed during scaling.

What is scaling in a scale and clean?

You may have heard a check-up and clean referred to as a check-up, scale and clean. The truth is that all comprehensive check-up and cleans should involve scaling, as it is the part of the procedure that removes the plaque and calculus build up on the teeth and is of utmost importance. A small ultrasonic dental instrument will be used and gently and is efficient in its ability to remove built-up substances, like calculus. Calculus is a build-up of plaque on the teeth that is calcified by the minerals in your saliva and cannot be removed simply with vigorous brushing or flossing.

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