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Six Month Smiles

The new development in orthodontics

There is a common debate amongst the orthodontic community regarding the most effective method for straightening teeth. Often traditional braces are considered to be the most widely used and effective method for correcting crooked teeth. The aim of the Six Month Smiles technique is to take the best aspects of braces and modify the procedure and materials to give adults a cosmetic solution to suit their lifestyle. At Distinctive Dental Care we strive to provide you with the most innovative benefits of this procedure, including:

  • Average treatment time of only six months
  • Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok ™ clear brackets and tooth coloured wires that are discreet and barley visible
  • Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits™ that can work to ensure that your appointments are fast and comfortable
  • Low pressure movement and short overall treatment times that can increase comfort, safety and hygiene
  • Six Month Smiles is also typically less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy or veneers

The mystery behind the technique

Considering the common extended treatment period for orthodontic treatments, you may be wondering how this procedure can be effective in just six months. The Six Month Smiles procedure employs the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to move your teeth both quickly and safely. The key component of this treatment is the use of special nickel titanium wires, along with the chief focus of moving the teeth that are primarily visible when you smile. The Six Month Smiles treatment used here at Distinctive Dental Care utilises tooth coloured brackets that are barely visible. In addition, the wires are also tooth coloured to increase the discreet nature of this procedure.

Increased comfort with enhanced results

Due to the fact that the forces used to move your teeth with Six Month Smiles braces are lighter and that teeth are seldom extracted in this procedure, there are very few risks involved. The Six Month Smile treatment does not leave our patients open to any additional risks, compared to traditional orthodontic treatments. In fact, this method actually uses a lower force of pressure than traditional braces to move teeth, which can be more comfortable and discreet.

Because we know your time is precious

The time efficiency of this treatment comes into play as the Six Month Smiles utilises standard orthodontic mechanics with a modernised approach. These mechanics are combined with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, rather than the position of your bite. This means that you can achieve your desired cosmetic results within a reduced treatment time as we address chiefly the appearance of your teeth in your smile zone.

This system will require that you wear a retainer to maintain the straightened position of your teeth.  If you lead a busy life, yet you wish to discreetly straighten your teeth, Distinctive Dental care can tailor a treatment plan for you with this innovative orthodontic option.

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