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The basics of facial fillers


Facial fillers are becoming a more popular anti-ageing treatment option, but what can you expect?

Not all kinds of fillers are the same.

Each kind of filler will vary in elasticity, viscosity and longevity which categorize them in their individual roles amongst the different kinds of fillers. Your more robust fillers will be used to help define a jawline or create more definition in the cheeks. Whereas lighter more delicate fillers will be used in smaller areas such as the upper lip. Certain formulas will break-down quicker and others will swell-up more, this can be great for areas such as the cheek bones, however not so desired in areas such as the eyes.

Let your doctor decide on the correct kind of cosmetic injection for you.

Just because a friend of yours received a specific kind of filler it is not guaranteed that it will be a suitable option for you and the desired outcome you want.  It is important for you and your doctor to openly communicate your desired outcome and the specifics that you would prefer to achieve. Based on a physical assessment as well as open communication, your doctor will be able to make an informed decision about which facial filler is best suitable for you.

It is possible to avoid a “duckbill” effect.

In most cases, the shape and volume of the lip area begin to deteriorate at the age of 30. Many people wish to achieve less of a volume boost and more of an overall “poutiness” effect. Speak to your doctor about the different methods of achieving the desired look that you want.

Facial fillers have more potential than you think.

Fillers are able to treat so many more issues that extend further than wrinkles, they are able to elevate sunken scars, return volume into the hands and brighten the eyes. Doctors will use different types of fillers and injectable treatments that will specifically target the area of concern.

Fillers are not able to solve all concerns alone.

Whilst facial fillers may be a viable solution for certain areas of concern, deeper wrinkles or lines may need to be treated in conjunction with other products as well as facial fillers. Facial fillers are able to provide volume and lift to certain areas however if the lines are more deeply etched into the skin other kinds of procedures may need to be considered. Your doctor will advise you on what the best procedure for your desired outcome is.

Some areas may hurt more than others.

Pain and discomfort is dependent on each individual’s pain thresholds. There are multiple ways in which your doctor is able to decrease the discomfort such as numbing creams, ice packs and vibrational tools. For more sensitive patients the lip area can be difficult due to the number of nerve endings contained in the lips. Speak to your doctor about your pain tolerance levels and preventative measures.

There is the possibility of bruising.

Injectable treatments tend to produce a common side effect of bruising as a result of needle grazing or injuring a blood vessel. To reduce the risk of bruising, try to avoid any blood thinning medication days before your treatment. Swelling may occur because this form of treatment pulls water in, however it should subside four days post-treatment.

Small treatments can create an overall affect.

If you do not have a specific area of concern that you wish to address but rather a desire for an overall difference, asking your doctor for their opinion may be the best option. Your doctor may know a method of treatment administered to small strategically placed locations that can provide you with the overall result you desire without going too overboard. Your doctor may tweak things you would have never considered that can yield the desired results.

Ensure your treatments are administered by professionals.

Seeking out a trained and board-certified professional will diminish the likelihood of tissue damage. Qualified professionals are more likely to produce a better quality result that is closer to your desired outcome than finding a cheaper shortcut.

If you are considering facial fillers as a treatment option, give the team at Distinctive Dental Care a call to schedule an appointment.

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