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Tooth Coloured Restorations/ White fillings

Correct tooth decay with our tooth coloured restorations

Make potentially dangerous and unsightly amalgam (mercury) fillings a thing of the past with Distinctive Dental Care’s white fillings. As a cosmetic alternative to the often visible and potentially harmful amalgam fillings, our tooth coloured fillings can subtly treat your decay. While amalgam fillings were previously the traditional method for treating tooth decay, Distinctive Dental Care offers tooth coloured fillings to correct dental decay.

Benefit from our safety driven cosmetic alternative

Mounting evidence has suggested that amalgam fillings may be a potentially dangerous method for treating holes in your teeth. This is due to the damaging nature of mercury exposure, which is possible when using amalgam fillings. Mercury intake has the potential to be very dangerous to your body, therefore you run the risk of damaging your health in the event that your amalgam filling becomes loose and is swallowed. As our patients’ wellbeing is at the forefront of our approach to general dentistry, we offer both amalgam filling removal and safe tooth coloured restorations.

Correct your health with our visually pleasing restorations

Given their virtually invisible nature, tooth coloured fillings can treat decaying teeth and make them look even brighter than before. With these progressive fillings, our team can help improve your smile and strive to curb your anxiety related to amalgam fillings. Our white and tooth coloured fillings are a durable and resilient sealant that does not pose a threat to your health.

Easy application with long-term results

Our team ensures that the process of receiving tooth coloured fillings is both comfortable and efficient for our patients. Prior to the placement of your restoration, Dr Makepeace and our team at our Bundaberg practice will determine if your specific oral condition requires a filling. Additionally, we will also establish the size and depth of the filling needed to treat your decay. We will then place your filling, ensuring that you are relaxed throughout the procedure. Once the filling is placed, we can then seal its positioning with our innovative heat activated light. Following this, our team will polish and shape the restoration to fit your individual tooth’s shape and texture.

The advantages of tooth coloured fillings

There are a number of benefits when it comes to treating tooth decay or replacing amalgam fillings with tooth coloured restorations. As this filling material is matched to the natural colour of your tooth, you can avoid the dark and often noticeable colouring of amalgam fillings. Furthermore, because we avoid using amalgam you can rest assured that your fillings are not potentially dangerous because they are mercury free. As the filling is attached and bonded to your tooth, it will feel, appear and act as your natural teeth do. The heavy-duty sealant we use will ensure that your fillings are long lasting, and offer a reduced sensitivity to both hot and cold items.

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