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What you need to know about gum disease


Gum disease affects millions of people.

Here at Distinctive Dental Care, we are dedicated to educating our Bundaberg patients about the risks and potential dangers of gum disease. As with anything, knowing more about it will always stand you in better stead when tackling its effects or better yet avoiding it altogether. Gum disease is a very common condition and yet many people who suffer from it won’t know that they have until the damage has been done to their oral health.

The team here at Distinctive Dental Care has a wealth of experience in dealing with gum disease and is extremely skilled at assessing and treating this silent killer. As a part of our dedication to staying up-to-date with the very latest in dental technologies, we have an FDA approved laser treatment called LANAP True-Regeneration that is even able to regenerate lost bone mass. We treat each and every one of our patients as an individual and we understand that everyone has their own unique set of expectations and needs.

We want you to feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge that your gum disease is being treated by a team of oral health professionals that want to establish a relationship with you. Your smile is as unique as you are and therefore demands a tailor-made approach to any concerns you may have. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the very highest quality periodontal treatments alongside peerless, patient-centric service and care.

So, what Is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis, refers to the destructive and potentially dangerous inflammation of your gums that can lead to the supporting bone and ligaments being lost. This process is caused by the inappropriate immune response to virulent germs that are found in dental plaque and if they are left to develop unchecked your teeth can become loose and then eventually be lost to you forever. There is recent research that suggests a strong link between active periodontitis or gum disease and poor systemic health which can include cardiovascular disease; pre-term, low birth weight babies; and diabetes (metabolic syndrome).

Gum disease is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because it can be incredibly difficult to self-diagnose and it only starts to cause you pain once significant damage has been done to your teeth and gums.

How do we treat gum disease effectively?

Before any periodontal treatment for gum disease can commence, we will need to complete a full clean and scale so that we can remove the plaque and tartar that can be so dangerous to your oral and general health. Plaque and tartar are able to hide in between our teeth as well as below our gum lines. Plaque and tartar become more and more difficult to remove the longer that they are allowed to collect in these spaces without being cleaned and can be present in the deep pockets that exists between our gums and teeth.

This is why we have invested in the very latest laser technology designed to not only get rid of your infection but to start the process of regeneration in the bone itself. LANAP True-Regeneration from Distinctive Dental Care is a revolutionary breakthrough in periodontal treatment and has made the need for going under the knife almost obsolete. Minimally-invasive, supremely effective and patient-friendly, the LANAP True-Regeneration is peerless in its ability to treat the prevalence of gum disease and Dr Makepeace is only the 6th doctor in Australia to purchase one of these marvels of modern dentistry.

So, if you have already been told by another dentist that surgery is your only chance at ridding yourself of gum disease, then we urge you to reconsider your options and possibly your dental practice as well. To find out more about how we can treat your gum disease concerns, or to make an appointment, please click here.

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